Interview analysis with NVivo

NVivo logoI have been working with NVivo lately to help me administer and analyse the semi-structured interviews I conducted for my dissertation. As a newbie to NVivo there were a number of introductions I found helpful to learn how to analyse interviews. Maybe they are helpful to others too, so I briefly sum up some of the items here.

As always, please comment if you know if any better sources or further sources to improve my NVivo skills with regards to interview analysis.

This is a helpful video from the makers of NVivo.  It tells you in 12 minutes how to analyse interviews/texts.

There is another video, possibly by the makers of NVivo, which covers are number of points in short:

– qualitative data analysis – 15.30
– structure of NVivo, external – 21.15
– audio fules – 23.55
– transcribing – 24.50
– how to code pictures – 27.30
– PDFs – 28.00
– social media (Twitter) – 30.45
– text coding – 33.35-36.00
– classifications – 36.05-38.30
– queries – 38.40
– models – 50.40

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