My main research project is my PhD – entitled “Policy change and policy entrepreneurship in legislatures” (supervised by Zeger van der Wal). In my dissertation I try to identify strategies legislators use to achieve policy changes. The 12 case studies of ‘legislative policy entrepreneurs’ are conducted at the parliaments in Austria, the EU, Indonesia and the Philippines. If all goes well the project will be submitted in summer 2014 and I hope to push out some publications on the findings towards the end of 2014.

My general research interests include:
– Policy change and political strategy
– Legislative politics
– Public finance and the politics of budgeting
– Budget transparency

You can find a list of my publications on these and other topics in the relevant section on this website, or just click on my research interests and you will see any blog posts on the topic.

Conferences and workshops
Here is a list of papers I have presented at conferences and workshops.
International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), Grenoble, June 2013
IPSA, Madrid, July 2012
IPSA RC 30, Decentralization and its Discontents: Recalibrating Public Service Delivery in Asia, Hong Kong, November 2011. Paper on “Decentralization and its effect on public finances”
IRSPM Annual Conference, Dublin, April 2011
EU Centre Taiwan, Taipei, February 2011

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